COP27: What did we learn from the past?

The 20th of November marked the last day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, intending to turn pledges into implementation. Looking back to last year’s meeting, COP26 had a full day dedicated to tackling the emissions from transport.  However, COP26 fell short on this topic: the focus was mainly… Continue reading COP27: What did we learn from the past?

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E-bikes and Mission Zero: Oslo

In 2017, Oslo had no traffic fatalities for pedestrians or cyclists. This was a key goal of a nationwide initiative named Mission Zero. How did the city achieve this and what is Mission Zero? For our latest Urban Change Series, we took a deep dive to get a better understanding.  We spoke with Pål Nilsen,… Continue reading E-bikes and Mission Zero: Oslo

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Aluminium in the e-bike production

You’re probably using things made from aluminium every day. It’s everywhere from our kitchenware, computers to the very power lines that bring you electricity. At Ampler, we use it mostly for the frame of our electric bikes. We do this because it’s lightweight, durable and recyclable. When we did our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for… Continue reading Aluminium in the e-bike production

Urban Change Series: Rotterdam

Rotterdam is on its way to becoming a model of sustainability in terms of transport. Cycling is uniquely popular throughout cities in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam and Utrecht. However, until recently the amount of regular bike users in Rotterdam has been significantly lower compared to its metropolitan counterparts. In 2013, only around 18% of… Continue reading Urban Change Series: Rotterdam

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A view of the future: Amsterdam

Cyclists in Amsterdam will be pleased to know that numerous developments in the cycling scene have occurred throughout 2022. From new bike lanes to mobility change; the future of cycling in the Netherlands is bright. This year, we opened our first showroom in Amsterdam, to be part of the city’s famous cycling community and provide… Continue reading A view of the future: Amsterdam

Benefits of open roads

To celebrate World Car-Free Day we’re encouraging everyone to hop on the bike. We have an ongoing raffle to win a high-quality bike lock. Before we go into how to enter we thought we’d explain what Car Free Day is and the benefits of open urban roads.  What is World Car-free Day? World Car-Free Day… Continue reading Benefits of open roads