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No bikes were found matching your selection. The singlespeed variant (with belt drive) is the most efficient form of drive you can use, while the variant with gears and chain is the most flexible. <br><br>In hilly terrain, gears come in handy, whereas they’re less necessary on flat terrain such and city centers. For urban cycling, a belt drive is usually the better choice. It’s clean, durable and maintenance-free.Outlet bikes only come with the equipment offered, as they are already assembled and packaged, e.g. it is not possible to install a luggage rack if it is not already included. However, you can order this separately, please select the additional purchase when ordering.Any bike shop as well as our service partners and showrooms can carry out an inspection or general service. Most parts on the e-bike are available on the market and can be repaired and replaced in any bike shop. If something is wrong with the brakes, motor, sensors or battery, please contact Ampler Bikes directly. In this case, they can send in the e-bikes and have them repaired in the respective showrooms, all free of charge (within warranty).All e-bikes have been inspected and tested by our technicians and are in perfect cycling condition. We cannot provide photos of every bike, but we can assure you that the defects are minimal and that you can return the bike free of charge within 14 days if you wish.<br><br>* “New” e-bikes are, as the name suggests, brand new bikes with no signs of use.<br>* The “Factory Second” e-bikes that we offer in our outlet have minor visual defects. They have not passed our strict quality control and are therefore offered at a reduced price. They are in perfect technical condition though. <br>* All “refurbished” bicycles have a total mileage of maximum 100 km. They are bicycles with minor visual defects but otherwise in perfect technical condition.You have the usual 14 days right of return after delivery of your Ampler e-bike. The same warranty conditions also apply – with one exception: Please note that the visual defects mentioned cannot be claimed as manufacturing defects within the warranty period.