New colours for more choices

If you haven’t already seen Ampler has introduced striking new colours to our range of e-bikes. Across each model, you can find at least one new choice, whether it’s the Sunrise Yellow for Juna, Purple Void for your Curt and more. We’ll go through why we’re so excited about these new colours, some of the… Continue reading New colours for more choices

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Ampler joins Kõu Mobility Group

Ampler joins Kõu Mobility Group and strengthens its position in the micromobility industry Tallinn, 14.02.2023 Ampler and Kõu Mobility Group announced today in a joint press event that the two Estonian-based companies will join forces to strengthen their position in the micromobility industry and to continue making emotive zero-emission commuting accessible for everyone.  The two… Continue reading Ampler joins Kõu Mobility Group

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Winter e-bike breaks

Squeeze in an affordable winter holiday using an e-bike. We will go over why a trip at this time of year has its advantages as well as some places to consider. Don’t let the moment pass you by and instead make the most of the end of the colder months. Your two-wheeled companion opens up… Continue reading Winter e-bike breaks

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A closer look into energy choices

As of last year, Europe has woken up to the need for building an independent energy system and accelerating the adoption of renewables. As providers of some of the lightest electric bikes on the market, we are a part of this shift. This is because every e-bike user has an environmental impact on their energy… Continue reading A closer look into energy choices

E-bike Resolutions

E-bikes offer a unique combination of exercise and convenience, making them great for keeping resolutions this year. If you’re an e-bike rider or considering becoming one, setting some fun targets can help you stay motivated throughout 2023 in a gratifying and sustainable way. Whether you’re well-versed or new to the e-bike world, there are plenty… Continue reading E-bike Resolutions

Ampler 2022: in review

It’s undoubtedly been an eventful year, and with it coming to a close, we wanted to recap some of our highlights. While we’ve not been alone with some of the challenges we have faced, we have never lost sight of our goal: emotive zero-emission commuting for everyone. An Ampler is still a high-quality e-bike that… Continue reading Ampler 2022: in review

The Joy of Winter Cycling

Cold weather doesn’t mean a slow ride. We believe an e-bike is a year-round tool to get you where you want to be. Whether commuting or touring, we wanted to share some ideas as to why we love cycling in winter. Enjoy some tips and tricks for cycling this season. Why cycle in winter? You… Continue reading The Joy of Winter Cycling

Customer update: Service, batteries and connectivity

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction have been a top priority for Ampler since day one, and we will continue our transparent communication about products and services. Three months have passed since our last open letter about some of the issues our customers have experienced. We would like to update you on what we have been… Continue reading Customer update: Service, batteries and connectivity